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Why Feng Shui?

Many people are skeptical about the application of feng shui. Afterall, everyone views success differently. Some sees success through careers and wealth, others through family harmony and good health. For me, I started this practice because I see the benefits of others having a smooth career after applying feng shui in their day to day life. And after learning the practice and applying on my own, I start to see some improvements to my own as well. But make no mistakes. Feng shui can help to increase the chances and opportunities for you, but it is still up to you to improve your overall success. As the saying goes, 一名,二运,三风水. One cannot expect to gain success by applying feng shui and not doing anything else in your life. My objective is to help others to improve their lives with more opportunities with every aspect, be it on career, wealth, romance etc, it is still up to you to grab it.


Ever since I started to learn and understand more about feng shui, I have been fascinated by how it can help in our day to day life. Things have been getting better since I've applied it in my own home. Thus, starting 合风水 became more of a passion and interest as I want to help those that are keen in applying feng shui or want to know more about it to improve their overall well-being. If you'd like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss further. 

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Kelvin LAI

Feng Shui Consultant

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